We are family breeders of fabulous looking traditional type black and yellow Labrador Retrievers. We are based in The South Hams of Devon between Salcombe and Plymouth in the small market town of Mobury. We occasionally have a litter of puppies just to keep our line going or because we have demand from family and friends. Most puppies are sold by word of mouth so if you are interested for the future please do contact us and we will put you on our reserve list.

We breed mostly for a good natured easy going temperament so that the dog will fit into a family environment. We also breed to create a stunning looking dog. Everyone who sees one of our breed tends to remark how incredibly good looking they are. This is a trait that we are trying to continue. A fair description of our breed type would be: Medium height. Not too large and bulky. Classic looking head and generous features. Thick furry otter like tail. Bun feet. Double coat.  Intelligent but not so demanding in stimulation and work as some can be. Not one ounce of aggression in the character.


Although our dogs are family pets we also work them, so they are very much fit for the purpose of the Labrador Retriever breed. They are very useful picking up and retrieving on the local shoots we are part of in South Devon. They have a particularly good nose for finding fallen game. They tend to find birds where other dogs miss them. Recommended for use as a peg dog or for picking up, they will work well when beating but we try and avoid as that tends to make any training for peg and picking more difficult (where ‘stand and stay’ is the ultimate discipline to learn).

Our emphasis and ultimate aim is to breed what we consider as a “traditional” breed type.  Not too slight and “whippety” as some of the field triallers can be, nor big, stocky and overly chunky that many show types can be. The Labrador breed has split in two in the last decade between Working Type and Show Type and it is somewhere in-between that we are trying to breed.