Kariba is one of the most stunning looking of all the Parbuckle line. Born Christmas Eve 2015 she had her first litter a year ago, born 13th January 2020. There were 7 pups in total. Two Yellow Dogs, Two Black Dogs. Two Black Bitches and one Yellow bitch. All have gone to wonderful homes and we keep in regular contact with the families.  The litter has proven to be so good we decided to breed again to the same sire, Fenway Tallin by very kind special arrangement with the Fenway Kennel. It is looking very likely that Kariba is in pup once more and the scan towards the end of February should confirm.

Date of Birth 24th December 2015
Reg. No AT00324002
This is her first litter.

BVA Health Schemes:

  • Hips: 4/4
  • Eyes: Clear November 2019

DNA Tests:

  • prcd- PRA – Clear
  • CNM – Clear
  • EIC – Clear
  • SD2 (dwarfism) – Clear
  • HNPK – Clear

The pups will not suffer from any of these issues.

Fenway Tallin is the Sire. https://www.fenwaylabradors.co.uk/dogs-at-stud/fenway-tallin-2/
Tallin is a very handsome black dog with an excellent working pedigree and a sweet temperament.

Tallinn is PRA clear and also CNM clear so the pups will be genetically clear by heredity of these two potential issues as both dogs are clear.

Tallin carries yellow coat colour gene as does Kariba thus the mix of black and yellow pups. (Tallin does not carry chocolate in the genes and nor does Kariba so the pups will not carry choc gene for future breeding considerations).

The yellows in our line tend to be a dark yellow. The two yellow boys are very dark verging towards fox red.


Blue Boy aged nearly six weeks

White Girl (Parbuckle Musango) aged nearly six weeks

Pink Girl (Parbuckle Spurwing) Aged nearly six weeks

Blue Boy Aged nearly six weeks

Fenway Tallin

Brown Boy (Parbuckle Kandahar) aged nearly six weeks

Lavender Girl (Parbuckle Nampini) Peela aged nearly six weeks

Teal Boy (Parbuckle Siansimba) “Finlay” Aged nearly six weeks

Yellow Boy aged nearly six weeks

Blue Boy aged nearly six weeks